Cooking is the path to healthy eating, so it’s good to have some basics on hand to put together in a pinch… or not!

This is the veggie part of my solution:

Zucchini, lemon/lime, kale, red cabbag, carrots - my go-to's.

Zucchini, lemon/lime, kale, red cabbage, carrots – my go-to’s

These veggies can make up a salad, a stir fry, a snack, can be added to pasta or a can of soup or broth, or put into a green drink, sauce or dressing. All of these will last in the fridge at least a week or two… or three???  There’s usually an apple in there, too, and a frozen banana in the freezer. It’s easy to add some form of protein to round things out.

Of course, when you add trips to the store or when the garden starts producing, everything changes and the number of options increases exponentially! But this seems to be what I usually have, especially during the cooler months.

What are your fridge staples? Can always use more ideas!