TFHThat’s our tea cabinet – my first stop in the morning. James usually has some, too, and then caps it off with his cup of coffee. Anyway, we drink mostly unflavored loose teas (white, green, oolong, black). My latest find is Darjeeling. It’s a black tea – which isn’t usually my choice – but the “first flush” (first picked) is out now and it’s a very mild black tea, not as fermented.  I got it online from Upton Tea. You can order a sampler set there.

As healthy as tea is for you, there’s actually one green tea brand that has been specially formulated for maximum health benefits, rather than just flavor: Dr. Lee’s.

Dr. Lee and his wife, both M.D. doctors, live in Trumbull, Connecticut. This business is an off-shoot of their medical practices. His oncology research led him to the serious pursuit of using green tea to heal cancer.

You can find the scientific evidence that shows the health benefits of drinking green tea by going to his reference library at  For you dog lovers, the last publication listed on that site documents how he treated his dog’s cancer with his special green tea and extended the dog’s life for 5 years!

Dr. Lee offers two green teas: standard and deluxe. The “deluxe” one (younger leaves)  tastes better, but the “standard” (cheaper) actually has more health benefits (older leaves = more goodies in the leaves). I’ve tried them both and bought the mug set-up, too. Part of the recommended 20 minute steeping process requires a close fitting lid to restrict air flow. By the way, steeping time for most green teas is usually 1 to 2 minutes!

Dr. Lee’s teas are organic and imported from careful sources in China, with added testing for impurities/pesticides done here  before it’s sold. Importing from China can be questionable without close monitoring.

I might add… an added benefit is the buzz. It’s smooth and almost subtle, but still the most energetic buzz I’ve ever felt from a caffeinated drink without any downside (I can’t drink caffeinated coffee or I’ll be up all night).