GOLDEN PASTE: Turmeric mixture ready-to-use

Turmeric might be the best natural anti-inflammatory, but the drug companies may not want you to know that!

I speak from experience. When I felt the first hint of arthritis in my hand, I started with the turmeric. Cured, no kidding! When I go without it for a week, a hint of pain returns. So y’ have to be compliant. Each person and ailment is different. It’s not a one-fix pill.

The list of maladies it can treat is endless, because all dis-eases involve inflammation. What is not commonly known is that merely sprinkling a bit of turmeric – like the jar you’ve had in your spice cabinet for 10 years – on your food is not giving you much benefit. Turmeric should be combined with water and heated 7-10 minutes to be activated.  Because it is oil soluble, it needs to be consumed with oil (coconut or extra virgin olive oil). Adding black pepper increases its bio-availability 2000%.

Having turmeric in your frig in the form of Golden Paste makes it ready-to-use in juices, smoothies, eggs, veggies, stews, as a tea or in a milk of your choice. It can also be eaten straight out of the jar or frozen.

The organic turmeric powder we use contains 5% curcumin, the main active ingredient in turmeric that has the health benefits. There are many others, which is why consuming the whole food/dried powder is better than in a capsule

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